Thursday, February 03, 2005

Quick Comic Takes

Sabrina #64 - This issue tackles the Valentine holiday, as the kids deal with the pressure that romantic feelings at such a young age can bring. I was impressed by the complexity of emotions the kids felt, and the surprising twists that probably gave many readers what they wanted though with a ramifications that meant more than I would have suspected when the series started.

I really hope that Archie decides to collect these issues in digest form or something. Since these stories are offering some of the best romantic comedy stories in American comics right now.

We3 #3 - I picked this issue up cold after seeing a lot of praise around the blogosphere for it. I could appreciate the heart and imagination that went into it, as the classic put upon pets story is taken to different levels with the inclusion of cybernetic tinkering done to the poor animals.

It was a bit too reliant on the violence for my taste though, as the sheer amount of fighting put me off from the lovable "Gud Dog" and such parts that were happening.

Adam Strange #5 - The only real highlight of the issue to me was seeing the enigmatic Vril Dox of L.E.G.I.O.N. again. The rest read a bit too much like the prior issues "escape at the last minute" story which I'm growing a bit bored of now.

I hope the future issues speeds the plot up a lot more, rather than just another "action movie" story.

Legion of Super-Heroes #2 - This book has all of the elements that I've always wanted to see in a LSH book, but hadn't seen realized until now. Teens fighting for their own personal freedoms in a society that feels they know better. Is an imaginative new focus for the book's concept that stays true to the concept while adding a new dimension to it that makes it relevant for today.

The characters all have a unique personality, and I enjoy how they can disagree strongly but have a sense of connection that pulls them all together.

This issue had a fabulous take on Dreamer's powers that I hadn't seen before, that perfectly defines why she is what she is. Brainiac 5 is the cold intellect, but has a heart to him that makes you like him despite his ruff exterior.

I'm glad the series has such a large page count to give all these wonderful characters time to shine. I'm already a fan of all of the characters, which in a huge cast is hard to do for such a short time they've been around.

This has already become the one monthly superhero comic, since She Hulk is going on hiatus, that I'll try to pick up each month at the comic shops.

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