Monday, February 28, 2005

Things Comics Have Taught Me

An increased vocabulary- When I was growing up comics introduced me to a lot of words I wasn't familiar with, which made me go look up or ask others what they meant.

A wider world view- Growing up in a very small Texas town, comics were some of my first looks at different places, different ways of living and such. Along with different ideas that challenged the way I think about things.

That it's okay to be different - Growing up I never felt like I quite fit in with everyone else. While other kids were wanting to do things like hunt, fish and the like I just wasn't interested in that stuff and thought I was just weird.

As an adult the trends continued, but I've learned that I'm not the only one who has felt that way. That it was fine to be different, and heck even something to aspire to be a little given the alternatives.

How to not obsess - I used to obsess on a lot of things, but seeing both the characters in comics and some of the people who read them obsess over the stupidest littlest things. Which made me take stock of what was really important, and to gain a bit of perspective that made things work out much better.

Critical Thinking - Since I took up reviewing, I've had to learn how to examine both the work with a critical eye and myself to figure out why I liked or disliked something. What makes particular things really work and what makes others not.

Which has carried over to life outside of comics as well, on subjects like the news, friendships work and the like.

How cool people can be - Through comics I've not only met a wide assortment of people I never would have otherwise. Yet has also allowed me to become friends with people I've often looked at as heroes as well. Who have done things for me that I can never repay, like encouraging me to try new things (and to travel to new places) along with support when I lost my dad a few years back.

Giving me a better appreciation for people in general, even when sometimes I only see the worst sides of society in the news and the like.


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