Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Comic Talk

I got a box of comics in from the folks at Discount Comic Book Service in yesterday evening. Some of the highlights so far are:

Spider-Man Human Torch #1 - Dan Slott somehow manages to tell a hilarious story, despite the fact that the two leads are enormous jerks. Thus remaining true to the original stories, but with a modern sensibility that keeps things fun.

She-Hulk #11 - I like how they explain away what seems to be some very stupid sounding continuity from Avengers quickly. With Doc Samson having the quote :

It's called life, Jen. You don't always get to pick and choose what happens. Sometimes things are out of your control.

Which makes a good point about life, but also about what a creator who chooses to work on franchise characters in a shared universe must deal with. Where others may do something to your character, and you have no say in the matter.

The rest of the issue is a good fight between Jen and a suped up Titania that manages to be interesting if for nothing else but its treatment of the two as just hero and villain. No silly reasoning like jealousy over a boyfriend or looks, as too often happens when women in comics fight.

Love Fights Volume 2 - Haven't read the book yet, but Johanna Draper Carlson's afterword covers two things we are of like mind about. The need to be careful of following characters or creators blindly, and our mutual love for Andi Watson's work.

Stuff I haven't read yet:

Superman: Strength #1 - Interior art reminds me a bit of Jon Bogdanove's work on the Superman titles of the early 90s. I mainly got it for Scott McCloud story, which I'm sure will be strong.

I don't like the binding on the book though, it looks... ugly is all I can think of.

Blade of Kumori #3
Samurai Heaven & Earth #2 -
Both titles look interesting, but I'm surprised at how much blood is on both covers.

Hero Squared #1 - I have high hopes for this series from the same creative team behind the classic loony Justice League era of the 1980s.

Anyone know if these are out yet?

Legend of Grimjack TPB 1, FOUR LETTER WORLDS GN, Bizarro World HC and American Flagg Vol 1 & 2 TPBs.

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