Thursday, February 17, 2005

3 Fun Reads

I made one of my infrequent stops at a local shop where I picked up these fun books.

She-Hulk #12

This issue brings to a close some plot points, and most importantly sets up some new ones for the future so I'll want to come back.

Humor is the heart of the book's appeal and it put that on display wonderfully as all of Marvels heroes converge to help She-Hulk out with an Infinity Gem powered Titania. Made different than the normal "all the heroes gang up" by its rather fun sense of the absurd, that keeps things from seeming too dangerous. (though there is a scary moment for everyone's favorite supporting character!)

Jen's resolution of the problems was clever, because it looks at some of the absurdness that comic fans can bring. Yet uses that absurdness for the good and in a sort of empowering way.

I hope the 8 months until the restart goes by quickly.

Runaways #1

I really enjoyed the first 6 or so issues of the last run of this, but because of various problems I wound up not getting the rest of the series. So I wondered if I should even get the new #1, as I thought I'd be lost, yet I decided to give it a go anyway.

I'm glad I did since it so quickly set up what the current status quo is, the Runaways trying to find kids like themselves whose parents are super villains. While reminding me of who each character is and what their individual power is.

It also establishes two new potential conflicts quickly, one with a group of recognizable former teen heroes whose mission is to get other powered teens out of that situations. And the classic grown member from the future who brings new of impending doom.

I do plan on tracking down the digests of the former run to catch up, as there are enough bits thrown in here to let me know there is a backstory. Yet I was pleased to find that the book works perfectly well on its own as well.

JLA:Classified #4

I usually don't enjoy "talking heads" comics, but in this one the dialogue was just so much fun that I couldn't help but laugh out loud at multiple times during the book.

This book isn't so much a superhero tale, as it is Seinfeldian sitcom with the characters all dealing with their individual problems involving greed, misunderstandings and practical jokes. That all culminate with a last page revelation that makes me anxious to see the second part already.

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