Tuesday, November 02, 2004

This Week's Comics

Already picked up:

Planetes Vol. 4
The very introspective sci-fi series continues with a new series, finally! I look forward to seeing more about one of the lead's journey to Mars, and hopefully more of the other characters on the space garbage collector ship.

Sgt. Frog V. 5 The hijinks of a small group of frog like aliens, as they adapt to life on Earth and scheme to take over the world continues.

Case Closed Volume 2 - This series about a teen detective who finds himself trapped in the body of a small kid has some very compelling mysteries at times.

Boys Be Volume 1
I just fell in love with the cover, and couldn't pass it up.

Waldenbooks is having a sale, where if you buy 3 paperbacks you get one free. So I really stocked up today.

On the Charles LePage Comic List for this week:

Witchblade Cvr A Land #80, $2.99
Witchblade Cvr B Choi #80, $2.99
Witchblade Cvr C Cho #80, $2.99 - I've heard that Top Cow has shipped somewhere near 30,000 extra copies of this to retailers. To be given away free to box customers in an attempt to gain new readers.

Astonishing X-Men #6, $2.99 - Joss Whedon isn't reinventing the wheel here, but is telling a solid superhero tale that anyone who likes the genre staples should enjoy.

Wow, guess I can skip the shop trip this week.

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