Thursday, November 25, 2004

Princess Tutu Volume 1

When I first saw the name to this book in a box of stuff a friend sent me. I wasn't expecting anything at all from it, I doubted I'd even read beyond the first few pages. Yet when I finally tried it I was pleasantly surprised by what I found.

Ahiru is a young girl who loves the ballet and fantasies about dancing with a prince. Yet she's very clumsy and doesn't have enough skill get to the next level of the class where she could dance with Mytho, a cute, quiet young boy who is the best dancer at her school.

When Ahiru wanders into a new dress shop though, events begin that change her life forever. The store owner gives her a magical pendant, which allows Ahiru to turn into Princess Tutu, a superhero-like ballerina.

With her powers, she starts to uncover a danger to Mytho posed by those who would keep them apart. Leading to confrontations between her and others, as she seeks to rebuild his fractured heart.

I'm not terribly familiar with the "magical girl" genre, that this book fits in. Perhaps if I was I might not find it is charming as I do, because while I know it looks familiar to what little I know of things like Sailor Moon.

The cuteness and fun spirit pulled me through the book to its end. Despite her overwhelming sweetness, that makes me almost want to check for cavities, I couldn't help but like and pull for Ahiru and her friends.

I must wonder at who the target audience for this book is though. It is for ages 13+, because of huge cleavage shots and a brief nude transformation scene, which both seem unnecessary. Yet with those they miss an audience of younger readers that the book's message and themes would be perfect for. While not being of subject matter or complexity that will draw in the older readers.

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