Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Hikaru no Go Volume 2

In volume 1 we learned about Fujiwara-no-Sai, the ghost of a Go instructor from 1000 years ago. Through an old Go board Sai possesses a young boy named Hikaru, and the two form a friendship/partnership that will allow Sai to play Go, which he has such a passion for.

In this volume we start learning more about Hikaru, as he starts to grow an appreciation for the game as well.

I liked his is sense of wonder at the intrigues and community the game can foster. Not everyone is nice, but the sheer enthusiasm and knowledge others have for the game and the joy they have sharing it. Which was a cool reminder of when I first got online and discovered online comic fandom, and had similar experiences.

Hikaru has a rival in the son of a world champion Go player, who with the help of Sai he defeated in Volume 1. Now he wants a rematch with Hikaru, but Hikaru puts him off because he wants to learn more about the game and beat him by himself without the help of Sai.

The story has more than just the game though. Hikaru has a "girlfriend" who continually distracts him, but in typical young boy fashion he is annoyed by her. Yet she is also the first thing he asks about, and someone he cares more for than he'll admit to even himself.

The heart of the book is the Go competition though, as is the joy the characters have playing the game. The thrill of competition really comes through, making me anxious to see if the characters achieve the goals they set for themselves in future volumes.

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