Thursday, November 25, 2004

I'm Thankful For

- Despite the bad weather of two days ago, everyone I know came through fairly unscathed.

- Though we hadn't been too close over the past few months because of some heated disagreements. That my sister and I are still close enough, that when she and her kids really needed help they still came to me this morning. Which the strength of family will get us through hopefully.

- Johanna Draper Carlson and her husband KC are two of the greatest people I've ever known. Their friendship has helped me through some difficult times, and made happy times even happier.

-Thanks to Johanna especially, who even if we weren't friends, would be a hero to me. Because her reviews and coverage have opened up windows into comics I would never have seen otherwise and inspired me to do my own writing to help improve my own critical thinking. Rather than to just take what I read or see at face value alone.

- For the blogosphere for being such an open and friendly place. That welcomes those who want to participate, and for inspiring me to work even harder at what I do.

- For comics period. Every time I start to think I'd seen it all, and find myself wondering why bother reading them. I always seem to find something that gives me a new spark, which rekindles my love in new ways.

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