Monday, November 29, 2004

DVDs Becoming Like Comics

Anyone else notice the extreme rash of multiple editions of DVDs these days? It seems like none of the directors or the like can decide on a final draft. Or more likely, they just want to try to sell the product again I suppose.

It has started me reevaluating how I buy DVDs, or even if I want to buy DVDs these days. I really have to think about how much I truly want something. Whether it is something I'll watch over a lifetime or just is something I'll watch a few times and thenhave it gather dust on the shelf.

Which is remarkably similar to how I approach many comic series now. Questioning whether I should wait for the trade rather than get the single issues. And even after then if it is something I'll truly want to keep, or whether there might be a better edition down the road.

At least with movies I've discovered things like Netflix which allow me to watch anything I want in a convenient way that doesn't cost much or take up a lot of space. There isn't anything similar to that with comics as yet, though I have had success trading manga I read but didn't like enough to keep for more comic related stuff.

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