Saturday, November 27, 2004

Couple Book 2

I have not read the first volume of this series as yet, but the cover of this one was so striking that I couldn't pass it up. The sheer cuteness of its focus, and the fun light feel it promised had me wanting to try it.

The series follows Young Ho Han, a young college in Seoul, Korea. Who meets Yu Mi Yu, a naive young girl from the country who from the "what's gone before" section moved in with Young Ho after she lost all her money.

Young Ho has little experience with women, so having the cute Yu Mi right under his roof is a new experience for him. His attempts at romance fall by the wayside though, as all she sees is an older brother figure.

In volume 2 Yu Mi has started her own tutoring service to earn money to pay Young Ho back for taking her in. Young Ho is worried about her safety though, so he tails her to her fist job. Where a rebellious teenage girl student has run away from Yu Mi, so Young Ho commits himself to helping her find her charge. Which back fires on him when over the course of doing so she not only sees Yu Mi's private parts, but the young girl develops a crush on him.

The humor in this is very sexually innuendo driven, reminding me a lot of what the characters from the English show Coupling (though this isn't quite as clever as Coupling) if it was set with the characters in college rather than in their late 20s.

Yet like in Couplings, despite the characters doing and saying some incredibly stupid and sleazy things. I still find myself liking them and hoping the two find themselves together at the end.

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