Friday, November 12, 2004

Friday Link Blog

Sorry for the infrequent week of posting, I work for the US Postal Service and this is our busy time of year. I have Sunday and Monday off though, and hope to do some reviews and such then.

Until then here are some quick links of interest:

Samurai: Heaven & Earth #1 Preview - Dark Horse's website has a four page preview Ron Marz and Luke Ross's series. The art really brings the world to life, as it is so detailed.

Brian K. Vaughn's Pride(Via Johanna) - Looks like a very interesting book. I wonder if I'm the only one who thought upon seeing his drawings of lions "That artist would be great on comics of the Narnia books."

Bill Rosemann joins DC - I found it interesting that he'll be reporting to Ron Perazza, whom I had brief contact with when I worked for DC. (helping their online department by being the chat host on AOL and a message board moderator assistant) Hopefully Rosemann will bring a bit more oomph to the DC site and community.

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