Sunday, November 14, 2004

Quick Sunday Link Blog

Kerry's Ex Does Graphic Novel- Lee Roystone, an ex-girlfriend of Democratic Presidential nominee John Kerry, is doing a graphic novel of her time with him and two other rich bachelors. I thought this bit especially was interesting:

She finished the book several months ago, but delayed publication until after the election. Miss Roystone feared jeopardizing the ambitions of a man whom she admits that she is still besotted with, although he broke her heart.

As in my opinion, descriptions like
describes her politician lover as a "caveman" in the bedroom who would whisper sweet nothings to her in French
might have given him a bit more personality.

The Oregonian Reports Teen Comic Groups Talking About Manga - I thought it really neat to see that the group of teens have their own reviews website, because it is great to see teens putting so much thought into what they read. Which is one of the plusses of reviewing.

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