Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Target's Marvel Age: Hulk Collection

This book is just bad for numerous reasons.

It takes after the TV show, with Bruce Banner on the run from a secret government organization who is after him for the secrets he holds. He moves from town to town helping those who need him, which means turning into the Hulk and smashing the bad guys, before moving on.

The writing is overdramatized, with text box descriptions that made me roll my eyes at its "Chicken Little" type phrasing. The characters are flat and uninteresting, with even the Hulk being a huge bore who strikes nothing with the reader.

Lost is the sense of danger or even sorrow that the Hulk should bring for the problems it brings to Bruce's life. Or even the sense of fun a dumb Hulk could bring, as he is played like the typical superhero character. Who smashes the bad guy, then goes away once the danger is past.

The art, by four different artists, all have the same problems. It is flat, sketchy and shows a lack of movement. In the first issue especially, where Bruce meets another scientist, the sketchy art left me unable to tell the characters apart.

Of course wrapping my brain around that Bruce Banner looks like a 19 year old kid, is pretty darn unbelievable as well.

Just a bad comic, that talks down to the reader and makes the Hulk boring which should be almost impossible.

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