Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Comics I'll Be Getting From This Week

Superman Secret Identity TPB, $19.95

Woo hoo! One of the best books DC's had in years, so I'm glad to see it collected.

Blade Of Kumori Cvr A #1, $2.95
Blade Of Kumori Cvr B #1, $2.95

I'm looking forward to trying this after seeing these preview pages.


Iron Man #1, $3.50

Wow that's a high price, glad I got it for 75% off at DCBS to try. I was never really interested in IM, but maybe Ellis can make it work.

Marvel Age Hulk #3, $1.75

Strange, Marvel has already collected this and #4 in the Target Exclusive trade.

She-Hulk Vol 1 Single Green Female TPB, $14.99

Looking forward to trying these early issues!

Warlock #3, $2.99

I really like this sci-fi heavy series, and I hope it continues to be as good.

Love As A Foreign Language GN Vol 1, $5.95

This book by Torres had an interesting premise when I ordered it. Plus I love supporting a format, one shot GN, that is one I want to see more of.

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