Friday, April 08, 2005

This Week's Comics

G.L.A.#1 - This book just seems to be trying to be too much to too many people, leaving me unsatisfied afterwards.

These were all characters I hadn't seen before and afterwards I still felt like I didn't know enough about any of them. The big "death" had no impact, other than how it affected the male lead which is becoming a FAR too often trend in comics, because there was nothing beforehand to make me care about the character.

Meanwhile the humor rang a bit hollow, because it reflected poorly off all of the serious issues being raised elsewhere in the book.

I wonder at who the target audience was for this, as those like myself looking for a more comedic take were probably put off by all of the doom and gloom. While those looking for a more serious take likely didn't appreciate the humor.

A new pet peeve too. Can we have at least one new Marvel comic that doesn't have anything to do with Avengers Disassembled?

Seven Soldiers: Zatanna #1 - I must say that Ryan Sook's art really surprised me here. In the past when I've seen it there was a certain unrealness to it that kept the figures from looking tangential. Not the case here though, where his figures are solid, and quite attractive.

Story wise, the down to Earth parts with Zatanna attending a support group for down trodden super heroes were fun and entertaining. Especially a particularly funny, and subtle, jab at the way female characters have been treated only as subjects of rape and death lately in comics.

The pseudo magic/alternate reality stuff completely lost me almost as soon as it started. Though the page layouts were quite imaginative and interesting to look and appreciate.

I always wonder something though. I haven't read too many Zatanna stories, but the ones that I have always talk about her strong ties to her dad. Who was her mom though? I have never seen any stories dealing that, and have always wondered about it.

Power Pack #1- I like the theme of the youngest sibling feeling put upon for having to hide her powers from everyone. Since she wants to show everyone how she shines and is ready to shed her "baby" role and become an adult.

It is a very realistic theme that many kids, especially young girls, seem to go through given the expectations for them to become mature faster.

My one complaint is that the dialogue just doesn't sound like kids voices at all. The dialogue seemed to follow more adult speaking patterns than how kids today really talk.

Legion of Super-Heroes #4 - Waid just keeps adding depths to these characters and situations. After last issue, I thought I had a clear picture of Brainy as sort of the over controlling genius who thinks he knows better than everyone else what to do.

With Cosmic Boy there to counter him, bring a more emotional but slightly less confrontational role as leader. This issue kept that dynamic, but turned it on its ear as well by showing the reader that who is right and wrong isn't quite as clear as previously thought.

The art in the first story by Kirk was nice, though not up to the kinetic energy level of Kitson, which given the amount of action in this story was missed. Too often figures looked too static during the battle scenes, though his quiet personal moments which relied on a facial expression as much as dialogue were fine.

The second story's focus on Phantom Girl, with art by Dave (WATCHMEN) Gibbons had much more energy though. I liked the new take on her as a person of two worlds literally quite well. This has been the best part of Waid's run, is his ability to keep the heart of the classic character but approach it in new, unthought of before ways.

There is a sense of wonder as well as heartbreak to Tinya's origin. In how she must balance her roles both with the Legion and in her home dimension at the same time. Especially in dealing with those who feel they need her full attention at all times, even though she is upfront in how that isn't possible.

Gosh I have to wait another month to see what happens next now? There aren't too many comics I can say that the wait seems too long.


Anonymous said...

Zatanna's mother was Sindella, died very soon after her daughter discovered she was alive.

Avi Green said...

I was going to answer who Zatanna's mom was, but as I see, it's been answered already. What I can say though, is that Sindella appeared in Justice League of America #164 in March 1979. I think she also gave her daughter a new costume that she wore for at least a decade in that issue too.

James Schee said...

Thanks for the answers! I'll have to try to look that issue up, as she's a character I've always liked but never knew much about.