Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Another Cool Manga Series

Tuxedo Gin Book 2

I'd dismissed this series somewhat after a first volume that was okay, but seemed to come to a resolution that I didn't think needed to go any further. Yet volume 2 shows that there are plenty more paths for it to walk before it reaches its conclusion.

The series follows 17 year old boxer Ginji Kusanagi whose life was going perfectly. He'd just made his successful debut as a professional boxer, and met the girl of his dreams in the lovely Minako. Only to be killed in a an apparent accident, and then to his horror be reborn as a penguin.

He doesn't let that get the better of him though as he and the other penguins escape the zoo. Afterwards, he manages to become Minako's pet so he can watch over her and make sure no one hurts her.

In this volume we see how his disappearance has changed things for others in his life. From his former boxing coach, to a young boxer who idealized him. Seeing how much of an effect he's had on others really lets him start seeing a bigger picture.

This series is just so charming. The choice a penguin as the lead is wonderful as they are very cute and active creatures. I was quite impressed by how the artist was able to individualize all of the various penguins visually, while still having them be penguins.

Ginji is such a likeable character with a good heart and strong determination that helps him achieve whatever he sets out to do. Yet the most enduring thing is that everything he does, from keeping close to Minako to what he does for his friends. Is all done out his concern for them, not what he himself can get out of it in return.

Thus making him an engaging hero that is easy to root for.

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