Thursday, April 14, 2005

Odds and Ends Linkblogging

Ian Brill has an interesting post today about how he's breaking the weekly comic habit. I did something similar a year or so back and have found myself much happier with what I do read.

Oh I still drop by a shop about once a month or so, but it is on my time and money not theirs. Plus it is usually just a bored browse, because anything I MUST have I get from DCBS or Amazon at far better prices. Plus it adds surprises like today when I got DC's Bizarro World HC and The Legend of Grimjack TPB.

Thanks DC! For offering a summary of everything happening in your comics. So I don't have to read them, and yet can still know if something I might want to read ever happens.

DC Ditches Humanoids & 2000AD Lines I was curious about these books, but never saw enough info about what books I might be interested in offered. In these days of less time and a lot of stuff I know I'll want to read, working to find more isn't for me.

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