Sunday, April 24, 2005

Blogday Thought

Today marks the one year anniversary of my blog. In part to celebrate that, but more to just spend some time with a new friend, I went shopping and got some cool stuff.

Showing my superhero fanboy nature I got:

Crisis on Infinite Earths

The one "everyone dies!" or "everything you know is changing!" crossover event that I actually enjoyed. I'm curious to see what this novelization of the story will be like given how it can't rely on the fantastic artwork of George Perez to bring things together.

Green Lantern Hero's Quest

As a fan of the Kyle Rayner GL, I'm looking forward to this tale that may be the last Kyle focused GL project for a very long time with the return of Hal Jordan in Green Lantern Rebirth miniseries.

Yet of course the main focus for me were the manga series:

Maison Ikkoku Book 3

I wasn't that impressed with volume 1 of this series, so it took me the better part of a year before I gave volume 2 a try. I'm glad I did, as the slow setup of the first volume was gone and the characters were from being apathetic dweebs to more realized characters. I hope for even better things with Volume 3.

Tuxedo Gin Book 2

I enjoyed volume 1 of this series about a young guy who is killed, but is brought back as a penguin so he can look out for the love of his life. Yet at the end of the book I didn't feel like there was much else left to do with the series.

I've finally decided, since this is a light time in terms of new volumes coming out in series I follow regularly, to give volume 2 a look to see if there was anything more to say or not.

Then I decided to take a bit of a risk on two new manga volumes from the Del Rey line:

Nodame Cantabile 1

The son of a famous pianist, rediscovers his love for music with the help of a young girl and fellow music student.

Genshiken 1 : The Society for the Study of Modern Visual Culture

Which follows a young couple, the boy is an anime fan who wants to join a club that will allow him to share his love of comics and anime with others like him. While the girl would like her boyfriend to act more "normal," but in her pursuit to change him learns things about his interests that she wasn't aware of.

Both of these volumes look and sound promising, and I find it sort of cool that I apparently got them early. (Amazon says they aren't due until April 26) I am a bit concerned by the binding though, as I can actually see the glue quite clearly on the edges of the spine.

Which makes me worry whether the books will hold together or not.

Still quite a productive day, now to just find the time to read and write about them. A resolution I'm going to try and make myself keep, as I go into the second year of the blog.


Heidi Meeley said...

Congratulations James! Best wishes on another great year!

Lyle said...

Congratulations James!