Saturday, April 16, 2005

CSI Dominos

This series from IDW is the best adaption of another media into comics that I've ever read. The art by Gabriel Rodriguez gets the likenesses close enough that you know who you are looking at, without the awkward stiffness that such efforts usually provide.

Meanwhile, whether Max Allen Collins in previous volumes or Kris Oprisko in this one, the character sound like they do on TV, leaving this feeling like a solid episode from the latest season.

In this volume, a mob hit has gone wrong and now someone is killing everyone connected to one of Vegas's biggest mobsters. It is up to Grissom and company to put together the clues to not only find the identity of the killer, but also try to find the next victim before he does.

It is a very exciting story, that had me caught up with the tension the team were feeling as they always seemed two steps behind the killer. I did sort of miss artist Ashley Wood's detailed flashback pieces, though Steve Perkins serves the story well.

I hope the next trade arrives soon.

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