Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Stressful Week

There likely won't be many updates here during the week, as I'm learning a new computer system at work. After time in a classroom, I got out to take tests that are 45 minutes in length each time, and I must make 98 or above or I must retake the entire test.

Which makes for a stressful time, as they are looking for me to be done with the 10 tests by Friday. I've done 4 so far, so I'm ahead of the curve but with the toughest ones still to come.

If I can manage to get by a comic shop this week I hope to get the following stuff to try and relax a little with:

Adam Strange #7

I've cooled a little on this series over the past couple of issues, but it is still one of DC's best put together titles.

JLA Classified #6

With the way DC has been putting these characters through hell, it is sort of appropriate that Giffen and Co. send them there this issue.

Livewires #3

The plotless, but still entertaining fun series about cool teenage androids continues. This is one of the freshest things Marvel's done in years.

Runaways #3

I'm sort of surprised that they list the Excelsior team as "fan favorites," but I am curious to see how they and the Runaways deal with each other this issue.

Young Avengers #3

I've really dug the mystery of who these kids are so far, and find them a bit of fresh air counter to the whole "Oh how life sucks!" approach to superhero books lately.

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James Meeley said...

Hey James,

Hope you caught my letter in Young Avengers #3. I think the main thrust of my point was made, but the letter was extremely edited and shortened. I don't know if it was JUST for space reasons or to try and brew some controversy within the letter's page, but that wasn't the entire letter I wrote.

Still, I hope you got a kick out of seeing it. I was almost surprised Marvel printed it. ;)

-James Meeley