Thursday, March 17, 2005

This & That

From the CBLDF Newsletter:

ITEM! New Editor & Focus for SPX 2005 Anthology

Because you demanded it, the SPX Anthology is returning to its roots
by doing away with themed issues and reclaiming its role as the
nation's finest showcase for an uninhibited range of today's best
alternative and art comics.

Which I think is great news, as while the themes were wonderfully thought out. I didn't really enjoy any of the books, and since I use the Anthology as sort of a sampler. I didn't feel as if it gave me an accurate reading on what the creator's own work was like.

Joss Whedon To Write and Direct Wonder Woman Movie - Given Whedon's penchant for writing strong, interesting female characters. This movie could be something really special.

(I just caught myself, as the description I first used was "Joss Whedon To Do Wonder Woman.")

I haven't had much time this week to read or write between work and making plans with a special someone for what to do on a 6 day vacation next week. We're leaning towards Moody Gardens right now.

I caught the Claudette Colbert movie Midnight the other night on the heads up of a friend. I wasn't quite sure where it was going at times, but it all worked out wonderfully. Plus it was neat to look for the stuff the host said at the front of the movie, such as how Claudette only wanted to be shot from her left side, among others.

I am currently making my way through a partial run of Miracleman I picked up on eBay and from a friend.

It has been interesting reading the first couple of issues so far. Especially to see how a writer works differently with different artists. Alan Moore didn't seem to trust the first artist much, with good reason since some of the sequences were hard to follow, so the narrative was heavily descriptive.

Story details were explained in the text, even if the art itself was showing exactly the same thing. With Alan Davis, Moore seemed to pull back a little more, with less redundancy type narration boxes and dialogue.

Which is good, since some of the early narration was hurting my head a bit. It just stated the same things over and over in a heavily over wrought tone. Such as when describing a huge fight scene in issue 2, was something we as mortals couldn't ever understand.

It was two guys beating the heck out of each other, what is so hard to grasp about that? Because they are stronger than us?

Still an interesting read though. It takes a very serious and adult look at what the reaction would be to people with super powers. So far it has somehow managed to show the silly aspects of the comics of a bygone era for what they are. Yet not seem to look down its nose or degrade them for being what they were either.

I'm really looking forward to seeing where it all winds up, and hope that the legal dealings get settled and the books become more widely available.

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