Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Quick Singles Rundowns

Young Avengers #2 - Quickly becoming my favorite Marvel book, especially since She-Hulk is on hiatus. This second issue continues to build the team in fun interesting ways, that reminds me strongly of the early Legion of Super-Heroes, with new promising members showing up to join.

This time we have "the girls" show up, in the form of a strong willed and athletic heiress (who reminds me of Sue Dibny before Identity Crisis) and Ant Man's daughter. Plus the team's mission is explained, giving them a reason to be together that so many other teams lack.

Adam Strange #6 - I will be very curious to see how readers who are waiting for the trade will react to this series once they read it. Since it is written in a way that makes it better suited for the singles format with slam bang openings and a cliffhanger closing that might not work as well in collected form.

This has sort of becoming more of a travelogue than a story though. With the last two issues being as much about checking in with some very obscure DC outer space characters, as about the mystery of Rann's disappearance.

Yet when the series is discussed in interviews as having the purpose of reestablishing the cosmic aspects of the DCU, then that should be expected I suppose.

Sabrina #65 - This issue resolves around self-centeredness, from Sabrina's jealousness of Llandra and Shinji's relationship, to her aunt not discussing with Sabrina what her new job might mean for their family, to the crook who only cares about making himself a star.

It was a wonderful portrayal of the emotion from different angles, and seeing how some where able to get past that out of love made for a very interesting read.

Samurai: Heaven & Earth #3 - Marz's story is simple and pure, dealing with the samurai Shiro traveling the globe to regain his kidnapped love. It is easy to understand and grasp, while providing settings that show off the wonderful artistic talent of artist Luke Ross.

Ross's attention to detail, provides a strikingly lovely picture of France in the time of the Musketeers. Whom Shiro comes into conflict with, though not just any Musketeers but the famous Three Musketeers from Dumas's book.

As Shiro goes forward he finds himself in even greater conflicts, but never wavers in his goal. Which makes him one of the more admirable new characters in some years, and one I long to see have his goal met.

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