Sunday, March 20, 2005

Lunch Hour Comix
Robert Ullman
Alternative Comics, 64 B&W pages, $5.00

This collection of creator Robert Ullman's comics, done in just one hour a day is remarkably insightful. Usually when I hear about comic challenges surrounding doing things in a time limit. I tend to think "wow a fast food approach to art, how FUN."

Yet the work is of such quality that I wouldn't have known such little time was taken otherwise. Plus the strips don't fall into the humdrum "Today I changed shirts." dullness that many creators looking at everyday life fall into.

10-8-04's strip especially was really clever, as Ullman realizes how your reality is and what you feel can be two entirely different things. Which hit my current mood perfectly, and is the first comics to ring true like that in a while.

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