Sunday, March 20, 2005

The Incredibles DVD

I just watched this movie, and I must say it was quite surprising. I felt when I first heard the movie, and saw the ad highlighting jokes on how overweight the lead was, that it would be one of those "Ha, ha! See how goofy superheroes are!" which would have been fine with me.

Yet instead it was a fairly serious approach to it all, that had its light moments but seemed more directed at an adult audience then for kids as I expected it to be. There was themes of sexual innuendo, responsibility towards family, and the hum drum life of being married with children. Right along with the violent and dangerous life of a superhero, which surprised me as well.

During the huge portions with no one in costume, while I enjoyed it, I also found myself wondering what a kid thought during them. Perhaps that's unfair too, goodness knows comics get a bad rap for being kids only at times. Yet seeing this level of maturity from a Disney cartoon just really surprised me.

A very fun, insightful movie though. It just wasn't at all what I expected it to be.

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