Saturday, March 05, 2005

Batman Handbook
Scott Beatty
Quirk Books, $15.95

Sometimes a book is just so goofy sounding that I have to give it a look, this was one of them. As writer Scott Beatty takes a (way too) serious look at times at exactly what it would take to really be Batman.

Which is actually part of the charm, as I could only laugh at the at times very clinical look at how to do things in chapters like "How to Throw a Batarang," "How to Make a Batsuit," "How to Bulletproof Your Batmobile," or my personal favorite "How Train a Sidekick" which were a hoot to read.

Done in a "Worst Case Scenario" type format, there are some surprising insights at times, but for the most part it is just amusing to see how silly it can all really be at times.

The design is really keen too, with the small size making it easily portable with time being spent on each segment just long enough to be interesting without becoming tedious.

So if you want something just a bit weird, I'd recommend giving this book a look at least.

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