Saturday, June 19, 2004

Why Blog?

That's a question every person who has one has to ask themselves at least once.

Do I think any of what I say here is unique or important to the history of comics? No. I sort of look at blogs as... well comics used to be known as disposable entertainment, so I guess blogs could be disposable commentary. In that they are relevant when you write them, but months or weeks or days or heck sometimes just hours later, what was said then doesn't matter much.

Still it offers me a forum for my thoughts that is there whenever I have time for it. With the busy schedule I'm living with as an adult, I rarely have the time to slog through the various online forums seeking those who offer something other than typical fanboy meanderings on whether the Hulk could beat up Superman or not.

And even when I do find those seemingly rare at times intelligent discussion, keeping up with it can be more than I am able to handle most days.

Yet there's still a part of me that feels the need to be creative, and yes I do feel anyone that posts about their thoughts on comics is being creative. Whether they are any good is another conversation though plays in to this as well. As I want to improve the craft of my writing, as the more I write the more I'll learn how better to express my thoughts. (I hope at least)

Yet lately I've been wondering a little why I wasn't quite happy with my blog. Then I realized why, I was taking easy ways out. Rather than being creative I was just linking to other bloggers work, which can be fun and interesting, but given that's all I was doing for the most part I wasn't being as creative as I had hoped to be.

So starting tomorrow I will start doing more original work here. First up, and awfully timely given the news that they have filed for bankruptcy, will be a week long look at CrossGen Comics. I'll take a look each day at one of their series, to see if I can get an impression on why they didn't take off.

Then towards the end of the week, I'll look at some of the original CrossGen PR push, I still have one of their first press kits! To see how they started, and how it compares to how things went and has brought them to the end they are now.

So if that sounds interesting, I hope you'll check back throughout the week.

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