Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Fanboys exist!

Think the typical comic book geek, as seen on the Simpsons, doesn't exist?

I used to think that, as surely no one could be as lifeless and single minded as the "Comics Book Guy" from that show. Yet then I visit the Green Lantern board and see thispost by a fan there know as WelcometotheVOid:

The destruction of the Corps, Oa, the Central Battery was NOT , I repeat not an editorial directive, until after Ron Marz wrote up his ET.

The original ET, was approved by the Editors as long as G. Jones turned Hal was turned into a villain for the next Green Lantern. No where in that script was the destruction of the GLC, Oa, or the rest of the Green Lantern legacy.

Ron Marz tried to hide behind this editorial sheep's clothing, but other insiders [Dooley to name one source] have revealed that it was Ron Marz that wrote off Oa, the GLC, and much of the Green Lantern Legacy as possible.

Zero Hour even tried to return Hal Jordan from the 57th Century, but was told that Hal was to be the villain after ZH.

If you don't believe that Ron Marz knew about GJ's ET, then you missed the part about the "The Guardians return Sinestro" part in the original ET pre-published work!

As well as when Judd Winnick 'wrote' the return of the Guardians as children, that was also mentioned in the original GJ ET script!

And if this all was the "editor's" fault, then how come as soon as Ron Marz left, the Green Lantern legacy found another active GL in Raker, restored mostly everything that ET destroyed In Legacy * #150, rediscovered Mojo and so on, while the "editors" were still working at DC Comics?!

further claiming that he :

Ron Marz will tell you what you want to hear, I talked with him about his X-O run over at Valiant and had a friend talk to him about his Silver Surfer work.

The guy basically told each of us, at separate times that the character or comic we talked to him about was "his favorite this and that".

The guy basically thought people won't talk to each other about what he told them.

He also during his first Kyle run told people Kyle was his idea and this direction.

then years later, he started to say it was the editor this and the readers that,

Now it's 'I never got to TELL my Green Lantern story'...

...believe what you want, but I know what I pieced together..

When Ron Marz refuted these claims as his own board saying:

As many times as I answer this question, I know there's a certain group of fans who simply won't accept the truth no matter how many times they hear it. But, here goes again:

When I took on the GL assignment, I was given an outline by DC editorial for issues #48-#50, the issue-by-issue broad strokes of what had to happen in those issues: Hal grieving for Coast City, getting pissed at the Guardians, battling and destroying the Corps, killing Sinestro, destroying the Central Battery and the Guardians save one, the last GL ring being awarded to a new, lone GL.

More specific details were mine: which GLs we showed Hal fighting, the killing of Kilowog "on camera," choosing Ganthet as the Guardian who survived.

The creation of Kyle -- who and what he was -- was left pretty much up to me, with some input from Kevin Dooley. I came up with his name, his physical look and the fact that he was an artist. As I recall, the editorial outline said something like: "New GL is given the ring." That was it in terms of specific direction.

So ... editorial called the overall shots, but I wrote it. I've also always been consistent about this as well: if anyone thinks "blame" needs to be assigned, that's my name in the credits box, "blame" me.

I know some of this stems from the continuing divisive and frankly nasty nature of DC's GL boards. If someone doesn't like my writing and feels the need to continually say so, that's fine. Everyone's entitled to their opinion. But to make up lies and put words in my mouth for that purpose is kind of pathetic. If anyone one wants a direct answer or opinion -- in other words, the truth right from the horse's mouth -- I'm always available right here.

Does Void bow his head and admit he made it up or was perhaps misinformed? Of course not! In true fanboy form he sticks to his own view, claiming everyone should believe him because "he says so." I know I'm convinced! I always take the word of people with the names like WelcometotheVoid, over those who sign their own name or were actually a part of the process.

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