Monday, June 07, 2004

Reply to Johanna's June Previews Recommendations

Johanna has gotten a head start this month on her Preview recommendations, and I wanted to use this space tonight to reply to some of the stuff she says in her great column.

Diamond Order Code JUN04 2647
by Carla Speed McNeil, Lightspeed Press
200 black-and-white pages, $20.95

Sigh I really should try to catch up on this wonderful series, but I am so far behind that I wonder if I'll ever catch up. The last time I read it was WAY back during the first trade which I loved. Yet I just haven't managed to get back to the series for more, and now I'm not even sure how many collections I am behind.

Diamond Order Code JUN04 2744
by Jill Thompson, Sirius Entertainment
48 color pages, $9.95

The first two painted storybooks, this and The Revenge of Jimmy, are now available in softcover.

Wonderful to see these books start arriving in a more affordable format. I wonder if her propsed cartoon series had made any further progress?

Oh, look, the Red Star folks are back with another oversized, over-priced collection. This series had such a buzz, but erratic schedules and jumping publishers seems to have killed the word of mouth.

That's what happens when you just keep releasing the same material over and over again. Readers patience only goes so far, before people give up and move onto other things. In comics the old adage "Out of sight out of mind" is more true than in just about any other field.

Wow, there's a new Legion trade collection -- and it didn't take five years to get it out!

Too bad it's one of the type of stories that non-Legion fans think of when they think of the LSH. Tons of characters with little to no explanations as to who they are, a sort of smugness directed towards their modern counterparts, and an ending that made litte to no sense at all.

There is an Ultimate Gambit for fans to demand the return of? I can sort of see the appeal to some fanboys for the character. He's in love with a woman he's not allowed to touch. Something a lot of fanboys are completely familiar with in their dealings with all women.

Anyway, be sure to check out her article as it recommends a lot of great stuff.

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