Sunday, June 13, 2004

Johanna Comments on DC's Identity Crisis

Johanna makes some insightful comments on Brad Meltzer's Identity Crisis miniseries from DC Comics.

I usually don't get too upset about these things, but this was one instance that made me question why I even bother with DC and Marvel anymore. Given how much more enjoyment I get out of manga and the indies.

I know the character because she and here husband were real fun characters that just really worked for me when I read them in the old team book they were in.

I realize that she is a minor character though, so I'm sort of wondering why DC is making such a big deal about her death.

Because the big reaction I'm seeing from a lot of folks on this is that they are scratching their heads going "that's the big deal they hyped as the event of the year?" Which could mean this is backfiring on DC?

I mean sure I like her and her husband A LOT, but I think 90% of fans don't even know who they are/were, and this isn't going to make either of them any more interesting from my viewpoint. (the opposite if anything) Yet what I get from interviews is the same as her, that this series is supposed to show that "see secret identities are important!"

Which is silly. Yes the secret ID is a genre staple but when you try to explain it too much it comes off equally to someone writing a story to try to figure out how Superman flies or how the Green Lantern ring's power works.

It's super hero comic books, if you can't accept that someone can fly or that if someone puts on a pair of glasses it makes them look totally different. Well superheroes may not be for you.

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Shane Bailey said...

As far as the death is concerned. I wouldn't be dissapointed yet. They didn't say a major character would die in the first issue. They said in the series.