Sunday, June 27, 2004

[Sensual Phrase Vol. 2 cover]
Sensual Phrase Vol. 2

by Mayu Shinjo
Viz Comics June 1, 2004
$9.95 192 Pages

When a young lyricist named Aine and Sakuya the lead singer of the super popular band known as Lucifer, find themselves involved in a relationship the two never realized was possible. They find themselves experiencing things that will leave them both forever changed.

Aine was always a quiet young woman, who at times doesn't realize her own value as a person and as a talented lyricist. So she was stunned when the super cool and sexy Sakuya took an interest in her and her lyrics.

Sex or perhaps lust is something I've felt never came through in comic form very well. Oh there have been relationships in comics that I've wanted to see go well, but I never felt the utter passion of lusting for another truly realized.

That is until this book, where the passion and sheer lust Sakuya and Aine feel for each other comes burning right off the page. I almost had to look away at times, out of the feeling like I was almost intruding on them as they are so passionately drawn to each other.

In volume two there is a new element that could drive the two apart. While I can understand the need for it, in order to give the two leads something to overcome. I must admit to being more irritated with it than anything else, because it just seems so obtrusive and in the way of what I feel is important in the story.

Still the book is well worth reading, that'll leave just about any reader breathless from the sheer forcefulness of its passion.

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Anonymous said...

I think you did a really great job of writing this book, i cant wait to read what happens in the 3rd volume!