Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Curses,Foiled Again!

Via Johanna the 2003 Squiddies Awards winners have been announced and Brian Bendis is once again voted as the favorite writer.

Foiling the diabolical plans of myself and a select few other comic bloggers, to ruin his chances!

Seriously I really am just kidding folks, and congrats to him and all of the other winners this year.

For me Mr. Bendis is just another in a long line of popular creators work, whose acclaim I don't get. Yet then my tastes have generally tended to be far from the norm for the comics buying public. Likely because I didn't truly grow up reading comics, only really (beyond G.I. Joe as a kid) getting into them during my later teen years.

I did think it was nice to learn that there are others who have had similar feelings on the work. And I enjoyed reading all of the commentary yesterday that had similar views to mine.

Hopefully those that disagree with me or any of the others do know that our disagreement doesn't mean we think their tastes are bad. Given the numbers, if anything it is probably more likely that we are the unenlightened few who just can't grasp his greatness for some reason or another.

I've enjoyed seeing most of their comments as to why they like Bendis's stuff greatly. Perhaps they learned from what the others said, how come some might not like his work as well.

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