Sunday, December 19, 2004


I'm still plugging away at work, where we are averaging 10 to 11 hours a day to get the mail out in time for Christmas. Which hasn't left me much time to even browse for comics, much less read them lately.

My relatives told me to buy my own Christmas presents this year, and they would give me money for them.

So I've ordered the following from Amazon

Even A Monkey Can Draw Manga

Which seems to be a funny look at the world of manga, as it explores the many cliches of the field.

The Life of the World To Come

Kage Baker is back with the latest installment of her "The Company" novel series. About a group of immortal cyborgs who were built by people from the future to preserve lost things from the ravages of time. Yet the time is coming soon when the cyborgs will arrive at the time of their benefactors. What will there place be then?

The Complete Peanuts 1953-1954

The first volume of this just shocked me in its ingenuity and design sense. I'd always thought of the Peanuts strip as cute, but seeing these early strips showed me the sheer imagination of Charles Shulz like never before. Because of the limitless possibilities that it could have, before it became static in order to not damages its other media possibilities.

I'll be glad to get some spare time, in order to catch up on some comics and hopefully receive some comics. The mail order system I've been using had a flub, that sent my month's order to someone else. So I'm waiting for them to fix that mistake as they have promised.

It has been an interesting experience to be forced away from comics as I have though. Allowing me a better perspective on just how I should approach reading and even writing about them. Which hopefully will bring me a new energy once I get back to them at the end of this busy time of work.

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