Thursday, December 23, 2004

The Return!

The Christmas rush at work is finally over, and now I can have my life return to semi-normal without the 12 hour 6 (at one point 7) days a week schedule. Thank you to all the kind folks, who don't know how to address mail properly for helping make my paychecks so large this year.

Let's see around the comics sphere there were lots of great new stories apparently. Two that stuck out to me though were:

All Star Superman Newsarama talks with Grant Morrison about his upcoming Superman series for DC's new All Star imprint.

Despite a rather goofy name for the imprint, the interview does have me very curious. Grant always seems so enthusiastic about his work, and his ideas sound just so far reaching and fun. I hope it'll carry over to the execution, because at times he has so many ideas that he doesn't fully realize any of them in his madcap race to fit them all in.

Gail Simone and John Byrne In one of the oddest pairings I can recall in a while. Comes news of the two teaming up to work on Superman's ACTION COMICS title.

I haven't been a fan of John Byrne's art in quite some time, though perhaps an inker will make it more appealing to me. Yet I like a lot of the things Gail says in her interview, like:

I actually put this in my pitch, that Clark and Kal El can be very complex. But I sum up Superman with that famous line from the Jim Croce song...

You don't tug on Superman's cape.

This is a guy who can thread a tank through the eye of a needle. He can see the weather in Beirut and he knows what air freshener you used in your house six months ago by the smell of your clothes. You don't mess with this guy.

Anyone that quotes Jim Croce lyrics is okay in my book.:) Yet it is a take I like, as Superman should be a guy who commands respect. Not a bully mind you, but someone that you take notice of if they are in the room.

Dang, 2 Superman books that have me curious to check out? What's going on here?

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Scott said...

I think this is the first Superman monthly title that I'm going to buy, and that's something I though I would never say.