Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Thoughts on Recent Blogosphere Topic

Dead Chicks & Mayhem is a new blog that is getting a lot of talk around the blogosphere in recent days.

The person behind it has set out to rate various comics, using a five-point scale detailing the levels of Violence, Sex, and Depravity in the comics.

It is an interesting idea, and goodness know there is a lot of material that he can cover. I agree in part with him that there is a weird level of judgment by comic companies at times. When they seem to fluctuate what audience they are going for from issue to issue some times. So seeing a rundown that will point out this oddness could be fun.

Yet really it will just come down to what you expect from it to decide if what he does is of merit or not. Given that it is only his opinion or perspective on what is violent, sex or depraved, there are going to be lots of instances where he will say something that many others will just scratch their head at.

There have already been a few instances where I was left scratching my head at what he thought was a required warning. (Captain America saying smartass, is bad?) Yet I've found the blog as a whole to be an interesting reading experience, because it does showcase some of the really weird trends that comics today are stuck in.

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