Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Better to Have Read and Lost, Or Never To have Read At All?

Yeah melodramatic I know, but it is something I'm pondering right now. Since so many of the books I follow now have been canceled, or of a very short run. Making me ponder if it was good to be aware of their quality and hope to get a decent ending. (something rare in superhero comics) Or if I would be better off not having known of it and thus not have another reminder of how today's direct market comic audience is so opposed to anything even slightly different or new.

Anyway, I finally got off work a little early today, since the computer system crashed and was going to be down for at least 3 hours. So I got to hit a comic shop for the first time in a few weeks to grab some of the small amount of DC and Marvel titles that interest me.

Which amounted to only 5 books, Captain America #1, She-Hulk #9, Madrox #3, Warlord #3 and Adam Strange #3. I've only read 3 of them so far:

Captain America #1 - Ed Brubaker's first issue was very interesting in the way it portrayed a compelling sense of danger and purpose in its use of the Red Skull and some of the new faces of evil of today's world.

I'm not sure if I care about a broody Captain America, though his attitude was understandable and even compelling in a certain way. Yet it doesn't really feel like Cap, who has always been an inspirational character. Perhaps this just shows that those type of heroes are no longer relevant though. I'll try #2, which is more than I can usually say about new Marvel series.

Warlock #3 - Damn am I going to miss this series and its characters, even though it is only 3 issues old. Yet in that short time I've come to care about the characters like Janie and even Adam. Plus the story is so wonderfully setup and already put into motion. Detailing what a being with the true power to do anything would be like. With one sassy young woman trying to save both him and the world from each other.

Yet why did this series fail? Not because of poor writing, or art, or for being outdated? No it failed because fanboys hated that it starred some other than their very dated character who series have repeatedly failed over the past few decades.

She-Hulk #9 - This is probably my favorite comic series from the Big Two currently, since I feel like I always get me money's worth each and every issue.

For instance, who in the hell thought Hercules could be so funny? Yet his sidestory about being sued for injury he did to a supervillain during a bank robbery had me rolling with laughter. Add that in with Awesome Andy's usual quiet, but scene stealing presence and the book was worth it for that alone.

Yet add in Jen's journey to visit to the Fantastic Four to learn more about her increased strength levels. And though it takes the situation with a light air, the mystery of what is going on with her powers, is intriguing and something I look forward to seeing the answer to.

Which is rare in even the best comedic comics, to not only be funny, but have a plotline that has meaning to.

So maybe even these short lived series or runs, are worth the time I put in after all.


Anonymous said...

Who'd have thought Hercules could be so funny? Dan Slott and me. Odds are Dan is like myself and remembers the old Bob Layton miniseries of Herc with one of those watcher recorder robots for a sidekick. Funny as heck to a teenager. Odds are it ages badly though...

Tim O'Shea

James Schee said...

Heh sounds fun Tim! I've never seen much of the character before, but this was a lot of fun.