Sunday, August 08, 2004

Sunday Sundry

Whew, I'm just back from shopping on Texas's tax free weekend. Which is dedicated to allowing people to purchase clothes and school supplies, without paying tax.

It gets as hectic as Christmas time here, as parents fight to make sure little Tommy has that Spider-Man backpack for the start of school on Thursday. So I'm worn out, and will only be making broad observations today.

I love my local $1 store because they always have such interesting comic book related merchandise that I never see elsewhere. Last year for instance I managed to pick up these neat series of books for younger readers, that starred toddler age versions of Marvel's superheroes.

Today I was surprised to see that on a cover to a collection of the classic Fleischer Superman episodes, was the Ed McGuiness manga influenced version. Which struck me as quite odd to see that it had made the leap as a definitive look for the character.

I couldn't help but laugh at a fruit drink pack called "Fearless Cherry", featuring Marvel Comics based superheroes on it. Perhaps I've read too many stories like Bouncing Boy of the Legion of Super Heroes origin, where he accidentally drinks a secret formula instead of his soft drink, yet I won't be drinking any superhero sponsored drink.:)

The scary part was to be had at the local Target store though. Where they are now selling adult size Incredible Hulk and Spider-Man boxers and briefs. I tell you right now fanboy, if anyone still agrees to sleep with you upon seeing you wearing those. Then you better marry them on the spot, because that's true love.

I must admit to a great surprise at how much I enjoyed watching the new Justice League Unlimited episode "For The Man Who Has Everything" last night. It was an adaption of the classic Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons comic story, and brought a lot of heart an insight that I have never seen in a cartoon before.

I hope Mr. Moore was compensated in some form for the use of it, as it truly shows off his talent even all of these years later.

Well that's it, I'll be back tomorrow.

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Mark Hale said...

My girl's already got her own Spidey boxers. What does that mean...?