Saturday, August 14, 2004

Manga Shopping!

I picked up three new manga books today, as Suncoast Video was having a 2 for $15 manga sale and I had a $5 gift certificate to Waldenbooks. Who was also having a sale of buy four paperback books (manga included) and get one free, but I wasn't going that far.

Video Girl Ai #1 - Where a guy down on his luck rents a movie that the star of comes out of the TV to help him find love. Sounds sort of like the plot to the movie Meatballs 3, which could be fun if so.

Red River #1 - About a young Japanese girl who just passed her college entrance exams and had her first kiss from a childhood friend turned boyfriend. Only to be mysteriously transported to an ancient village in the Middle East where she is due to be killed. Back cover says "Adventure and good-looking boys fill this great first volume!" Sounds interesting, except the good looking boys part.:)

Tramps Like Us #1 - Seems to be about a young woman who is having the worst day of her life. She finds out her boyfriend is cheating on her and then gets demoted at work. So she decided to be wild and invites a young guy off the street to stay with her. Then the first guy she ever loved comes back into her life too. Could be some fun conflicts!


Anonymous said...

Little nitpick - it's Video GIRL Ai

James Schee said...

Ack! Thanks for the pointer, making the correction now.