Tuesday, August 31, 2004

18 Revolutions
Author: Rachel Nabors
Publisher: Manga Punk
80 pages $7 + $3 S&H Purchase at Author's Site

This very well put together volume collects many of Rachel Nabors, who has been drawing comics since she was 15 years old, works from over her career.

Her early work is a bit rough, with a sketchy look and sort of stiffness in the figure work. Yet I can see her cleverness early on, in her ability to make everyday life things quite engaging. Like the folly of a cat wanting to be let outside despite the rain, which could have been dull, but she makes funny with a message of "be careful about deciding what you really want" included.

As Rachel grew so did her craft as a storyteller, tightening her figure work and achieving a better panel flow and design for the reader to follow.

One of the most impressive things about this book, and even shown early on, is the sense of timing she has. A lot of creators don't know when to stop, but she seems to have a knack for not taking a joke or idea too far, or ending it too quickly.

From the fun stuff like groan inducing true insights about the stupidity that some guys have a tendency to do. To interestingly mature looks at themes like depression and the nature of wanting, she shows a true variety of interests and ability to accomplish whatever she sets out to do.

Making her a creator I'll be sure to look for more from in the future.


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