Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Quickie Tuesday Link Blogging

Dub's Weblog - The artist known as Dub has a weblog where he is posting preview pages of his upcoming "Blade of Kumori" series from Devil's Due. The art style is very detailed from just the pencils he's showing here, and makes for an interesting look at a series months before it even is solicited in Previews much less hits the stands.

John Jakala brings up an interesting question in his blog today. Wondering what has happened to the solicited reissue of the Castle Waiting The Lucky Road tpb from Dark Horse. CW was one of my favorite comic series of all time, so I hope the reissue and talked about relaunch has not been shelved.

Interesting Newsarama American Flagg article that shines some light on how the collections of the material will be packaged. This is one of those series I've heard talked about, but it came out at a time I was not reading comics. Whether it holds up or not, being able to finally read it should be an interesting experience to just know what everyone is talking about with it.

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