Friday, July 30, 2004


I've never been a real Grant Morrison supporter, I thought his JLA run was overblown and didn't like his run on X-Men at all. Yet this quote by him in an interview at Newsarama just made me go wow:

The current vogue in superhero comics, post- Hush is for the 'definitive' take, which tends to manifest itself as creators playing it safe by cherry-picking and re-packaging all the best and most popular elements of an already successful feature. It's a commercial strip-mining kind of approach to a given property that seems to make a lot of sense until you realize it can really only work once before you find yourself in the awful position of having to make up stuff again. Seven Soldiers is an attempt to clear some new ground and make stories for people who want something a little different from 'greatest hits' reworkings of books they've already read.

This was a problem I myself had been seeing in superhero comics for a long time, and is likely why I've lost so much interest in the majority of it. Yet to see it written so clearly and concisely by someone in the industry is great. It gives me hope that things can get better, and makes me want to throw my support behind Morrison's next project. Which is a very interesting sounding new take on the 7 Soldiers of Victory.


Matt said...

Hmm. If you didn't like his JLA or X-Men runs, I'm having trouble figuting out what I could suggest that would change your mind, James. You might give Seaguy a try, but it can be a dense work, though the subtext (particularly when read with regards to the comics industry today) is where it's at.

That aside, I pretty much agreed with everything he had to say in that interview. Mr. Morrison is one of the few creators out there who isn't afraid to create and really reimagine new material for his comics work.

James Schee said...

I plan on giving his Doom Patrol trade a try eventually at least. Seaguy I'm sort of waiting on the TPB on though it certainly sounds interesting.

I was impressed by how he described 7 Soldiers of Victory. Not quite sure if I'll buy 30 issues of it but might sample it.