Thursday, July 29, 2004

Infinity Inc.

So much of today's JSA series is based on this series, that I really looked forward to trying it in order to perhaps get some of the references that writer Geoff Johns throws out in it. And in part it was nice to see just who Hector Hall was, and some of the other bits and pieces helped fill in some gaps.

I actually really enjoyed the early issues of this especially, because it was such a dynamic idea to have this entirely new generation of heroes having to deal with moving out of their parents shadows. The fact that these characters grew up and lived the lives of kids together and separately at the feet of the greats like Wonder Woman, Batman and the like, just added a real dimenion of fun.

What was it like to date Wonder Woman's daughter, who can tell if you're lying or not? What happens when instead of borrowing your dad's car for a night out, you swipe the invisible plane? Or when a simple game of baseball turns into a super villain plot?

Too bad Crisis pretty much killed the series, though its corpse would continue for a year or more afterwards. On one hand it was interesting to see how a shift in a company's directional policy could cause such havoc in one series. Crisis just made most of the heart of these stories null and void, and the attempts at fixing things didn't work at all.

Mainly because the origins went too far afield, and lost the heart of what made the characters so great. Lyta Trevor as the daughter of Wonder Woman is a fascinating character, that has plenty of potential. When her origin has to change to make her from some other island it just seems rather pointless.

It comes more off like lying to the reader saying "see this is the same character, but her origin is completely different" which could still have worked if you just stated that outright and moved on. Except Thomas continued to poke and prod at it, like a bad scab.

I was glad to finally come to the last issue, because it became unreadable very quickly. With pointless deaths, depowerment of usually the few female characters who had a personality. (Jonni Thunder) Which huh sort of reminds me of today's JSA series.

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Heidi Meeley said...

I totally agree with you James! I loved Infinity Inc, so much, and Crisis did do it in. Big Time. I especially agree that Lyta losing her Wonder Woman connection really sucked. It made her character rudderless.

Have you read any of the Sandman stuff with Hector and Lyta? It is intriguing to read that and come back to Infinity Inc and JSA titles.

Great piece James- I agree with every word!