Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Sue's Fate After IC

Don't like what's happened to Sue in the Identity Crisis series? I've come up with a "great" way to make lemonade out of this lemon.

How many readers out there read DC's Resurrection Man series? The series followed a guy who died at least once in nearly every issue of his series, returning each time with a new power.

Sue can be brought back with the same power and modus operandi, and be known as "The Victim!" It'll be a huge hit, with a female character you can kill off multiple times in each issue for years!

After all deaths and degradation of female characters is a staple of the superhero comic industry apparently. As it seems that the only way some writers are able to add pathos or meaning to their story, is to do something to the women in the book.

She can in turn team up with the other female superheroes who have garnered similar treatment over the years. Katma Tui, Donna Troy, Hypolyita, Supergirl, Fury, Aquagirl, and Monstress to form Dead Grrls Are Us!

Join me now is supporting what I'm sure will be a surefire hit!

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