Saturday, July 31, 2004

Quick takes on two comics I picked up last night.

Captain America #29

I was really looking forward to Robert Kirkman's run on this series, as he's done such wonderful work on his own series for Image Comics. The idea that he was taking the character and series back to its superhero roots, after its last few years of dealing with political intrigue. Was a strong draw for a reader like myself, who cut his teeth on the Mark Gruenwald Cap stories of the 80s.

So I was very disappointed by the results of this issue, which was so by the numbers that it was dull and boring. Cap as a wise cracker, at least as scripted here, just seemed very out of character. Plus the story had no heart or tension, the big reveals lacked any bite because they were not setup enough.

The book was just too simple, and felt like I was being "talked down to" through out the story. Which makes me wonder if perhaps I've just outgrown the simple superhero genre?

The Technopriests Vol. 1

I was looking for something really different to try, and since this is the first of the DC/Humanoids joint publishing I'd seen I decided it would be what I would experiment with.

I must make an important note to myself here, though it is one others should strive to do as well. Look through the first few pages of anything new before you buy it.

If I had done so here I would not have bought this book, as on its first few pages are the graphic gang rape of a young woman by over 50 men. Then the extremely graphic depiction of birth of three monstrous looking babies.

It takes a lot for me to put down a book unfinished, but those opening four pages was enough for me. Perhaps I'll come back to give it another shot. Yet my initial impression of "ugh disgusting" is still strong enough for me to not want to see what happens next.

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