Thursday, July 08, 2004

On "hiatus"

Not sure how long the blog might be down for, could even be for one day. I've been having some health problems the last couple of weeks, lack of appetite and other factors. Plus other things that have been going on longer than that which I sort of ignored.

Things finally came to head this morning when I fainted at work. So I went to the doctor where I was put on an IV for a few hours. Ran tests and I'm waiting on the results now, could be problems with my thyroid of which there is a family history or just sheer exhaustion from some upheavals of the past two weeks in my personal life.

I'm not really caring that much about comics these days anyway. I'm reading some manga, and hope to get around to covering them. Yet I look at everything else and am wowed by my lack of interest. I can't recall a time when I've been so disinterested in everything by DC, Marvel, the Indies etc have to offer.

I am watching a lot of movies though. I'm fast approaching the end of my nearly three month experience of watching all of my Buffy The Vampire Slayer DVD seasons. Watching one episode a night has given me such a familiarity with the characters and storylines, which I didn't have when I watched them live.

I've also started watching the first season of the Dead Like Me TV show. A very different show, that continues to surprise me so far. I heard it was going to start coming on the Sci-Fi Channel soon, which will hopefully increase its exposure. As when I was trying to buy the DVD in stores here, none of the staffs had even heard of it, much less ordered it.

So anyway I hope to be back soon, recharged and energized.

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John Jakala said...

Sorry to hear you're having health issues, James. Rest up and return when you're ready! :)