Friday, July 18, 2008

The press release follows, but I got to say this Galveston miniseries from Boom Studios is one of the most interesting new things I've seen in a while. People know stories about New York, Chicago, etc. Yet Galveston, TX is a hidden little town, that doesn't get a lot of attention though its had its share of great stories as well.

I mean how freaking cool is it to have a story with a cowboy and a pirate, and it turns out to be true on top of it. I can't wait to see this book!


July 8th, 2008 (Los Angeles, CA) - BOOM! Studios announces its latest mini-series, GALVESTON, a swashbuckling historical epic based on true events where cowboys and pirates collide, written by Tom Peyer and Mark Rahner and featuring interior art by Greg Scott.

Series editor Mark Waid said, "When publisher Ross Richie told me that the famous French pirate Jean Lefitte--true story--lived his later years in Galveston, Texas with his best friend, frontier legend Jim Bowie, inventor of the Bowie knife, I was gobsmacked. First off, I honestly thought that Jean Lafitte was the pirate who fought Cap'n Crunch. Second, the notion of Galveston being a Deadwood-type town run by a mad pirate had me screaming, 'put this on the schedule right away! Why am I not already reading this book? "

Focusing on these early exploits of Jean Lafitte and Jim Bowie, GALVESTON is an over-the-top thriller of blood, guts and revenge. Utilizing an extensive knowledge of the time period, Peyer and Rahner take history and turn it into an action-packed adventure comic that fans are guaranteed to love.

"It's a cowboys-and-pirates fable about the famous privateer Jean LaFitte and Texas icon Jim Bowie," said Peyer. "It's six-guns vs. cutlasses, heroic rescues and hair's-breadth escapes, seasoned with glimpses into the real personalities of these two legends and omens of their futures."

"Bowie could throw down," said Rahner. "This is the dude who once had a gun broken over his head, then got run through with a sword cane, and while the attacker was planting a foot on his chest to pull out the sword, Bowie gutted him with his legendary big knife. Then he got shot and stabbed again while the sword was still hanging out of him. This won't be any PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN."

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