Monday, July 28, 2008

DC Adds New Targets

With DC's recent penchant of killing off characters by the boat loads with each ongoing month. I was beginning to wonder when they'd reach their limit, but then I see that they are now adding two entire universe worth of characters. So hey, that's one way to add to the potential body count!:)

Okay, enough of being a smart ass. Newsarama has the news of DC adding the Milestone and Archie superhero characters to the DC Universe of characters. I'm a bit anxious actually to see what is done with these characters.

The Milestone Universe is one I still know little about, they started before I got back into comics. Plus I'm from a small rural, southern Texas town where diversity has a way of being ignored at times, so seeing them was a rarity.. What I have read I enjoyed, so the news that DC will be collecting the older stories, in addition to doing new ones has me curious.

I'm a little more weirded out about the news of the Archie superhero characters joining the DCU though. This isn't the first time DC tried to work with these characters. I seemed to be one of the few (some days I wonder if I was the only one!) that liked the !mpact line of comics DC did with those characters in early 90s.

This won't be those exact characters, but writer J. Michael Straczynski seems to have a plan for these characters. And if reviews of his Twelve series can be believed. He seems to do some of his best work with characters of this type who he can build and mold without fear of going against someone else's story.

So it could be an interesting time for DC ahead in the coming year. First time I've said that in a few years!

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