Saturday, January 14, 2006

Recent Comic Capsules

Infinite Crisis #3Infinite Crisis #3 - I really want to like this series, as I really like DC’s stable of characters. With this being the foundation of years worth of future stories, I want that foundation to be strong enough to make what comes after fun.

Yet it just isn’t working out, as I feel like this mini has been a collection of scenes from other stories I’m no following. I don’t feel like I’m getting a story out of this unless I go out and follow all of these other books as well.

Green Lantern #6 - Don’t let the cover or blurb on the DCGreen Lantern #6 website fool you, this issue’s art isn’t by Ethan Van Sciver, but by someone named Simone Bianchi.

This issue has some of the worst artistic storytelling I’ve seen in a comic in a long time. It seemed like someone did paintings on a bunch of vans and then tried to say they were a story.

The panels and pages could have been put in any order and made as much logistical sense as they were here.

Which is a shame, as I thought a story with outer-space gremlins could be a blast, and a fun nod to a more innocent time.
X-Factor #1X-Factor #1 - As a fan of the Peter David written Madrox miniseries from last year I had high hopes for this series starring the same cast, just expanded.

Those hopes were met and then some, as while the issue mainly focuses on Jamie (the lead of the Madrox mini) the brief glimpses at the other members has me intrigued as well.

Most importantly is that unlike many other new team books, this first storyline isn’t about getting the team together. The team’s already there, though they are possibly expanding, which is a refreshing change.

Legion of Super-Heroes #12 - It’s a shameLegion of Super-Heroes #12 that Mark Waid isn’t more involved in the Identity Crisis miniseries.

He’s doing exactly what that series should be doing here, by juggling a huge cast that are each on their own missions. Giving them all equal time and importance, while leading to something bigger and more dangerous on the horizon.

He even has the knack of bringing in past favorite characters and story elements, only from new directions. Like the introduction of one of my favorite past Legionnaires Shrinking Violet, known as Atom Girl here.

Though it may take me a bit of time to get used to her being a kick butt, take no prisoners hard-ass. Rather than the quiet, reserved young woman with a hidden strength that even she doesn’t realize at times.

Yet that’s something that makes this series a favorite of mine, familiar elements of the past done in new exciting ways.

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