Sunday, April 25, 2004

Tokyopop to do TV ads

As reported by Shawn Fumo, Tokyopop is scheduled to run tv ads of some of their manga titles on the Cartoon Network, MTV, Spike TV, G4, and Tech TV television stations.

Comic fans and retailers have been asking for companies to do this for years, yet so far only Tokyopop has had the will and funding to do so. While the only title scheduled to be advertized of interest to me is Princess AI ---- Tokyopop describes as a mind-bending trip co-created by alt-rock goddess Courtney Love and featuring some of the most cutting-edge manga art in Japan, including character designs by famed manga-ka Yazawa Ai. ---

I will be curious to see how the ads will help the sales of comics in general, as well as the specific volumes specifically.

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