Friday, April 23, 2004

Libraries rule!

On my lunch break today, I picked up some GNs at the library across from where I work.Given that I live in a fairly rural part of southeast Texas, I am amazed at how they continue to grow their Graphic Novel section each new time I venture in. I was pleased to see things like Hot Gimmick, Amelia Rules! and other books commonly found on the recommendations page of the Comics Worth Reading website on this trip in.

This week I picked up:

Further Grickle - I was shocked to see this quirky humor strip collection from a small company like Alternative comics there. and while the first volume didn't knock my socks off I saw enough to look forward to reading this.

SUNN - Mainly for curiosity's sake, because it is a superheroish manga style book from a company I don't know much about in ibooks publishing. Still it doesn't cost me anything to try, and the theme of the son of a superhero trying to take on his dad's role is a classic one.

Batman: Dark Knight Strikes Back - Yeah I know common opinion is this sucked, yet I hadn't read any of it before. I thought it would be something neat to sample in this way, especially given that the original story was part of what got me into Batman comics in the first place.

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