Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Why Comic Pros Shouldn't Talk About Others Comics

Newsarama has an article by a Brandon Thomas sort of defending the One More Day Spider-Man story. It is a fairly well written article, not saying I agree with it or not, and makes some interesting points.

Then I get to the end and I see this for his bio:

Brandon Thomas is a freelance writer and columnist. He has written over a dozen comics for several publishers including Marvel and DC Comics, featuring popular characters like Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four, Black Panther, Hulk, Batman, and Robin, the Boy Wonder. His first creator-owned title The Many Adventures of Miranda Mercury begins publication at Archaia Studios Press in February 2008. He lives and writes in Chicago, IL.

As soon as I read that part I just groaned as I knew what the reaction would be, whether justified or not. It is my opinion only here, but pros just shouldn't say anything further than "I like this issue/series/writer/artist/editor." Anything else just results in a result that there is no chance for the pro to win in.

Praise, as in this article, can be dismissed as just trying to get in good with the bosses in hopes to get further work and gets dismissed as a homer or mindless shill. Especially when it comes from a writer still trying to make a name for themselves. Negative takes can be even more destructive, as they can be accused of jealousy, unprofessional ism , etc. Not only by the fans, but by fellow pros themselves.

Sometimes, and I know its hard as most pros are fans themselves here. Yet its better to just keep the opinions to yourself, as there is just nothing to be accomplished by opening your mouth in a public forum.

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